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James Campbell joins the group

James Campbell is joining our group having undertaken a year of post-doctoral research funded by the Dean of Engineering Prize at the University of Nottingham. While at Nottingham James’s research focused on the fabrication of gas separation membranes composed of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as part of Dr Begum Tokay’s research Group.

James obtained his PhD at Imperial College London, under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Livingston, researching the fabrication of hybrid polymer/MOF membranes for OSN applications.

James was recently awarded the 2016 annual award for the best journal paper on Membrane Science and Engineering from the European Membrane Society for his paper entitled for his paper "Fabrication of hybrid polymer/metal organic framework membranes: mixed matrix membranes versus in situ growth" published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

In our group James will focus on the fabrication of ultra-thin MOF membranes fabricated via a MOF-CVD process for gas separations. Welcome James !

Ivo successfully defends his PhD

Ivo was awarded his PhD after successfully completing the public defense of his thesis: "Synthesis of immobilized metal-organic frameworks for integrated applications.

Congratulations Ivo!

Thesis details can be found here.

Big Bang!

Starting Oct 1, 2014 Rob will be appointed as BOF-ZAP tenure track professor at the Center for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis.

After spending time in the US, in the group of Jeff Long, Rob returns to Leuven to research porous materials in different sizes and shapes. Group members will be hired, equipment will be purchased, adventurous science lays ahead for the newly founded Ameloot Group!

But first: proposal writing time.


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