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Ameloot Group inspires the next generation of STEM leaders in a science outreach initiative for children

To drive and champion education and science communication, inspiring the leaders of tomorrow in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the outreach team of the Ameloot Group piloted their first major workshop at the International School of Leuven (ISL) on November 24.

The Teach STEM BE is one of the science outreach initiatives by our research group. It is a grassroots initiative aimed at inspiring the youth to explore and discover STEM as part of their learning experience. The project also aims to provide access to innovative learning materials to the less fortunate and promote accessible and equitable science and technology education.

With the talented learners reinforced by their multicultural background, the ISL is selected as one of the pilot schools for this science outreach initiative. The half-day session focused on additive manufacturing (3D printing) and its use for real-life applications. The crew brought a polymer-based (plastic) 3D printer to showcase its use in engineering, healthcare, and biotechnology applications. The team also demonstrated using a chocolate printer to make the experience much more enjoyable, experiential, and interactive.

After the learning session with the group’s scientists, the outreach team prepared modules for the students and teachers and trained them to operationalize the machine with the learners for two more weeks. With the support of KU Leuven, the group will seek funding to further expand its reach to other schools and underprivileged communities in Flanders, Belgium, and beyond.

For more information on our outreach projects, or if you are interested in collaborating or supporting our cause, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Alexander John Cruz or Prof. Rob Ameloot.

Jesus joins the group!

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Ameloot group! Jesus obtained his PhD at the University of Alicante in Spain, with his thesis entitled "Large Versatility of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) in gas/liquid adsorption processes".

His main fields of interest are adsorption, porous materials, MOFs and MOF-based composites, drug delivery and heterogeneous catalysis. Under supervision of Prof. Ameloot, his research effort will be focused on the in-situ characterization of responsive MOFs. In particular, he will study the structural flexibility of MOFs upon vapour adsorption using in-situ FTIR.

A warm welcome to the Ameloot group!

Hanne's research in the spotlight @MediaplanetBE and @DeMorgen

Hanne's research on improving medical imaging via 3D printing is featured in MediaPlanetBE and De Morgen. Hanne works on the development of a novel method to improve the efficacy of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) imaging, via patient specific 3D printed MRI hardware components. The article (in Dutch) can be read here.

Don't hesitate to contact Hanne for more info!

Full day of fun at teambuilding

After postponing last year's teambuilding, the entire group was very enthusiastic about this year's edition. Adventure awaited, our first activity took us to the forests of Herent for a game of archery tag. Afterwards we went to the centre of Leuven for a delicious beer and chocolate tasting. We ended the day with a wonderful diner. We already look forward to next year's edition!

5 M.Sc. thesis students join the group!

This year, five enthusiastic M. Sc. students from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering join the Ameloot group for their master thesis dissertations.

(L-R) Frederic, Jan-Hendrik, Dries, Breght and Tom will all be working on various projects ranging from the applicability of MOFs in shape-selective electrocatalysis, membranes for gas separations and structures for gas sensing towards 3D printed point-of-care tests and micro fuel cells.

We wish them all a very warm welcome and a fruitful thesis year!

Victor receives best PhD thesis 2019 award!

Víctor received the best PhD thesis 2019 award from the Nanoscience and Molecular Materials Group of the Spanish Chemical Royal Society. The award was handed during a ceremony held at Universidad Complutense de Madrid last Friday, in which he also had the chance to present some of his postdoc work in the group.

An joins the team as doctoral researcher!

From Master student to Ph.D. student!

After writing her Master's dissertation at the Ameloot group, An is now on board as a doctoral researcher. Her Ph.D. project focuses on 3D printing for the improvement of medical imaging. An freshly graduated from the KULeuven, with a Master's degree in Bioscience engineering.

A warm welcome to the Ameloot group!

Alex defends his joint PhD degree

Alex was awarded his PhD after successfully completing the public defense of his thesis entitled "Metal-organic frameworks by vapor deposition processes".

His PhD is a joint degree from the KU Leuven (PhD in Bioscience Engineering) and the VUB, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Doctor of Engineering Sciences, with the highest distinction). The team is looking forward to working with Alex on several planned outreach activities on science communication.

More details on his dissertation can be found here. You can also witness how Alex describes his dissertation in under 3-minutes with a video from Science Figured Out.

Again, congratulations Alex!

Alex clinches AFM award from Park Systems

Alex is awarded the 2020 Park Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Scholarship in recognition of excellence in nanoscience research, with AFM as one of the main techniques.

The Scholarship includes a cash award, an acknowledgment at the Park Systems website, a press release, and a featured Article in NanoScientific Journal. Read the full interview here.

Park Systems is a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments for nanoscale research, including AFM systems.

Alex represents Belgium in Global Science Tilt

After clinching one of two spots in the Belgian National finals last September, Alex is off the international stage to showcase the wonders of MOFs, as of the finalists for Science Breakthroughs of the Year. With over 900 nominees from 111 countries, Alex is one of the 100 finalists in the Emerging Talents' category of the Falling Walls World Science Summit. The international event is held in a hybrid format with a physical base in Berlin from 1 to 10 November 2020.

Watch the video featuring Alex and the group's work on MOFs. More information about the Falling Walls Foundation and the international conference can be found here.


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