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We are a materials chemistry group that thrives on crossing traditional subject boundaries.


As part of the KU Leuven ​Centre for Membrane Separations, Adsorption, Catalysis, and Spectroscopy for Sustainable Solutions and the Department of Microbial and Molecular Systems, we study different flavors of porous matter. Our research is focused on enabling applications based on these materials through a fundamental understanding of their formation processes and properties. In doing so, we aim to build bridges between the established use of porous materials, as adsorbents and catalysts, and the worlds of microelectronics, diagnostics, and additive manufacturing.


Our labs are located in the state-of-the-art Leuven Chem&Tech and NanoCenter facilities, completed in 2015. You may have a quick look of our campus via the KU Leuven virtual tour.


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Latest News



ERC Proof of Concept grant for 2019 call

We are delighted to announce that we are one of the 62 European Research Co…


Ameloot Group takes part in HYCOAT

In January 2018, the training network HYCOAT was launched which will boost…


Tech pioneers list by De Tijd

Rob was listed by De Tijd in their special issue on 'tech pioneers'.


ERC StG project VAPORE

Many thanks to the European Research Council for awarding Rob's starting gr…


MOF-based sensors on BBC

BBC show The Naked Scientists highlights the work on MOF-based sensors in a…

Group News


Ameloot Group welcomes new M.Sc. students

This year, seven brilliant and dynamic M. Sc. students from the Faculty of…


Alex wins Best Poster @ESRF workshop

With 100 participants from different synchrotron users, Alex' poster, entit…


Summer Schools 2019

While some are headed to the beach or a quiet villa for their summer holida…


Olaya joins the group as a visiting scholar

Olaya Gómez-Paz joins the Ameloot Group starting May 2019. She is originall…


Alex bags Infineon Best PhD Pitch 2019

Alex once again showcased the power of MOFs before an interdisciplinary aud…



VPLE paper published in Angewandte Chemie

Although generally stable, ZIFs can undergo post‐synthetic linker exchange…


Collaborative work on MOF-801

Collaborative work on the *role of structural defects in the adsorption and…


ChemComm Sept '19 (Issue 68) front cover

Our Cu-MOF-CVD paper, entitled, "Vapour-phase deposition of oriented copper…


CVD of MOFs for low-k dielectrics

Our work on the vapor-deposited zeolitic imidazolate frameworks as gap-fill…


ChemComm paper on Cu-based MOF-CVD

Together with the groups of Paolo Falcaro and Roland Resel (TU Graz, Austri…


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