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We are a materials chemistry group that thrives on crossing traditional subject boundaries.


As part of the KU Leuven ​Centre for Membrane Separations, Adsorption, Catalysis, and Spectroscopy for Sustainable Solutions and the Department of Microbial and Molecular Systems, we study different flavors of porous matter. Our research is focused on enabling applications based on these materials through a fundamental understanding of their formation processes and properties. In doing so, we aim to build bridges between the established use of porous materials, as adsorbents and catalysts, and the worlds of microelectronics, diagnostics, and additive manufacturing.


Our labs are located in the state-of-the-art Leuven Chem&Tech and NanoCenter facilities, completed in 2015. You may have a quick look of our campus via the KU Leuven virtual tour.


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Latest News



Rob receives Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award

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New cMACS logo!

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Launching the new KU Leuven institute LIMNI

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ERC Proof of Concept grant for 2019 call

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Group News


Dmitry defends his PhD!

Dmitry was awarded his PhD after successfully completing the public defense…


Hanne wins Best Oral Communication Award 3th prize of YBMRS

Last week Hanne presented some of her PhD work at the 18th edition of the Y…


Ameloot Group inspires the next generation of STEM leaders in a science outreach initiative for children

To drive and champion education and science communication, inspiring the le…


Jesus joins the group!

Jesus received his PhD at the University of Alicante in Spain with his thes…


Hanne's research in the spotlight @MediaplanetBE and @DeMorgen

Hanne's research featured in MediaPlanetBE and De Morgen.



Vapor-Phase Processing of MOFs @Acc. Chem. Res!

In this article, we report some of our efforts and related studies in the d…


Custom binder-jetting 3D printer @Review of Scientific Instruments

The limited control over the printing process in commercial powder bed 3D p…


IL-CVD as frontispiece in Angewandte Chemie!

Our work on the chemical vapor deposition of ionic liquids (IL-CVD) has bee…


Scattering model for composite stereolithography @ ACS Applied polymer materials

This study provides insights into light scattering in the particle filled S…


Metal halide perovskite photodetector arrays via dry lift-off patterning @Adv. Eng. Mat.

Flexible Metal Halide Perovskite Photodetector Arrays via Photolithography…


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