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Outside Front Cover ChemComm Emerging Investigators 2017


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Back Cover ChemSocRev 2017 


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 Highlighted in Reuters, BBC show The Naked Scientists , National Geographic, FOX News, Knack, EOS Wetenschap, ErekAlert!, Nanowerk, Nature World News, ChemInfo
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Front Cover Nature Materials March 2016
Highlighted in Nature Materials. Allendorf, M. D. & Stavila, V. Nanoporous films: From conventional to conformal.
Further highlights: KnackEurekAlert!Phys.orgNanowerkScience DailyMaterials TodayMaterials Today (2)Asian Scientist MagazineTechnology.orgChemInfoBioportfolio


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Highlighted in Nature Chemistry. Hansell, C.: Patterning with a light touch


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Highlighted in Nature. Serre, C.: Defects visualized in porous solids


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Highlighted in Nature Materials. Dusastre, V.: Printed MOFs


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Highlighted in Nature Materials. Russell E. M.: Metal-organic frameworks: Grown into shape


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Shared front cover


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Front cover


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