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We are a materials chemistry group that thrives on crossing traditional subject boundaries.

As part of the KU Leuven ​Centre for Membrane Separations, Adsorption, Catalysis, and Spectroscopy and the Department of Microbial and Molecular Systems, we study different flavors of porous matter. Our research is focused on enabling applications based on these materials through a fundamental understanding of their formation processes and properties. In doing so, we aim to build bridges between the established use of porous materials, as adsorbents and catalysts, and the worlds of microelectronics, diagnostics, and additive manufacturing.

The Ameloot Group is one of the founding members of the Leuven Institute for Micro- and Nanoscale Integration (LIMNI). The focus points of LIMNI are (nano)material characterization, bio-nanosystems, nanoelectronics, and physical micro- and nanosystems.

Our labs are located in the state-of-the-art Leuven Chem&Tech and NanoCenter facilities, completed in 2015. Have a look at our campus via the KU Leuven virtual tour.



Latest News



ERC Consolidator Grant KISSIES awarded!

With great excitement, we may announce that Prof. Ameloot has received an E…


Ameloot Group receives ERC Proof of Concept grant!

We are delighted to announce that we received a European Research Council P…


Rob receives Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award!

Rob is honored and humbled to receive the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research…


Our 3DP research in the spotlight!

Today, our research on lateral flow testing was picked up by several news s…


New cMACS logo!

cMACS started off the year with launching the new cMACS logo!

Group News


Prateek joins the group!

We are pleased to welcome a new postdoc to the Ameloot group! Prateek obtai…


Visiting researchers are strengthening the team!

A warm welcome to Vetiga, Ines and Miruna! Three researchers have arrived t…


Santosh joins the group!

Welcome Santosh!


Kateryna joins the group!

A warm welcome to Kateryna!


Alex wins the 2022 IUPAC-Solvay international award for young chemists!

Alexander John Cruz is selected as one of the winners of the prestigious 20…



3D printing of autonomous concentration gradient generators @ Adv. Eng. Mater.!

In this paper, we report a platform for the manufacture of autonomous CGGs…


Our single-crystal capacitive sensors on the inside cover of Adv. Funct. Mat.!

A visualization of our paper 'Single-Crystal Capacitive Sensors with Microp…


Aerosol Jet Printing of the ultramicroporous CaSq MOF @Chem. of Mat.!

We report for the first time the direct aerosol jet printing of a MOF mater…


Additive Manufacturing of Subject-Conformal Receive Coils for MRI @Adv. Mat. Tech.!

High signal-to-noise (SNR)ratio is crucial to obtaining high-quality magnet…


Single-crystal capacitive sensors of HKUST-1 @ Adv. Funct. Mat.!

In this report, a new strategy to readily fabricate surface-embossed microp…


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