metal-organic frameworks

Aleksander joins the Group!

Aleksander received his PhD at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Slovenia with his thesis entitled, "Inkjet printing and structure-property relations of ferroelectric thin-film structures". In the Ameloot Group, he will be researching the fundamental electrical and dielectric properties of MOFs and their implementation in advanced electronic applications as ultra-low-k dielectrics and in gas sensing devices.

Cleanroom MOF-CVD @ Chem Mater

Following the proof-of-concept work on the chemical vapor deposition of metal-organic frameworks (MOF-CVD) and a demonstration of its potential in microelectronics integration, we now present the fully cleanroom-compatible process for the deposition of large-area MOFs. Led by Alex, the output of this international collaboration was recently published in Chemistry of Materials. In this work, we thoroughly discussed the optimization process and unraveled the mechanism of MOF-CVD which led to a process chart—a guiding paradigm in developing future MOF-CVD formulations.

This marks an important milestone in bringing MOFs a step closer to the industrial-scale microfabrication lines and the production of MOF-based devices.


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