dmitry kravchenko

Aerosol Jet Printing of the ultramicroporous CaSq MOF @Chem. of Mat.!

Efficient methods to deposit thin layers of metal−organic frameworks (MOFs) are needed to integrate these microporous materials into microelectronics, sensing devices, and membranes. We report for the first time the direct aerosol jet printing of a MOF material. The ultramicroporous MOF [Ca(C4O4) (H2O)] (UTSA-280) was deposited from an aqueous precursor solution. In addition to blanket coatings, aerosol jet printing provides direct access to patterned coatings with a resolution of 100 μm via a digital, maskless approach. Moreover, by enabling spatial control over the layer thickness via the number of passes of the nozzle, this direct-write approach presents a more accessible alternative to advanced patterning techniques such as grayscale lithography.

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