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Hanne successfully defends her Ph.D.!

After successfully completing the public defense of her thesis, Hanne was awarded her Ph.D.! Her Ph.D. research focused on a novel method to improve the efficacy of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) through 3D printing.

Congratulations Dr. Vanduffel!

Leen joins the group as doctoral candidate!

After writing her Master's thesis at the Ameloot group working on integrating MOFs in a gas sensing structure, Leen now joins the group as a Ph.D. student.

During the following years, she will implement a novel methodology to efficiently study multicomponent isotherms and mass transfer properties of fast-diffusing molecules in MOFs.

We look forward to this interesting line of research, welcome Leen!

Masaya joins the group!

Masaya obtained his Master’s degree in chemistry from Keio University in Japan, his thesis covered the modification of MOFs from ZnO electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cells. He now joins the Ameloot group as a Ph.D. student. His joint Ph.D. project between KU Leuven and TU Dublin focuses on the development of MOF-based capacitive sensors for VOC detection.

A warm welcome to Masaya!

Paul joins the group!

After completing his Ph.D. at Kyoto University (Japan), Paul now joins the Amelootgroup as postdoctoral researcher. He will focus on developing new metal-organic glasses for intermediate-temperature proton conductivity.

A warm welcome to Paul!

João joins the group!

After obtaining his Master's degree in physics engineering, João worked as a junior research fellow at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. Now, he joins the Ameloot group to pursue a Ph.D. on the integration of MOFs in electronic structures. His research focus will be on the integration of MOFs in capacitive sensing structures, with the aim of developing a MOF-based sensor platform for the selective detection of VOCs in complex mixtures.

A warm welcome to João!

Quentin joins the group!

After a short stay as part of his master thesis research, Quentin now joins the group as a Ph.D. student.

During the coming years, Quentin will study new methods to improve the sensitivity of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) through 3D printing. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Wim Vanduffel at the KU Leuven Laboratory for Neuro- and Psychophysiology.

Welcome, Quentin!

Welcome Nick and Vanessa!

We welcome a new postdoc and Ph.D. student to the Amelootgroup!

After completing his Ph.D. research at the University of Antwerp and VITO, Nick joins the group to unravel the synthesis and in-depth characterization of phosphonate MOFs and PMPs within the EOS project “PHOSPHORE”. In addition, he is focusing on the development of novel photoresist materials for EUV lithography.

Vanessa started her Ph.D. research on the development of tag-enhancing methods for sorting and separation of post-consumer plastic types.

Glad to have you both on board!

Guanghai successfully defends his Ph.D.!

After successfully completing the public defense of his thesis, Guanghai was awarded his Ph.D.! His Ph.D. research focused on stereolithographic additive manufacturing for microfluidic device fabrication.

Congratulations Dr. Fei!

Five MSc students strengthen the group this academic year!

Five bioscience engineering students strengthen the team this year and will conduct their Master's thesis research under the supervision of Prof. Ameloot!

We wish (L-R) Andres, Leen, Sara, Bavo and Kobe a warm welcome and an interesting research year!

Sara and Leen will focus on MOF-based sensing applications, while Andres, Bavo and Kobe will be working on 3D-printed applications ranging from micro-fuel cells to printing medicines!

Jennifer joins the group!

Jennifer completed her cycle of studies at the University of Namur, receiving her Master’s degree in Industrial and Material Chemistry. She had the opportunity to conduct an internship at university Ca’ Foscari Venice in the field of material chemistry and catalysis.

Her joint PhD project between KULeuven and UHasselt focuses on the synthesis and in-depth characterization of phosphonate MOFs and PMPs.

A warm welcome to the Amelootgroup!


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