Review metal (oxide) and MOFs

Review metal (oxide) and MOFs

Our review paper on the combination of metal or metal oxide particles and MOFs has been published in Coordination Chemistry Reviews.

Thanks to PIs Paolo Falcaro, Daniel Maspoch, Shuhei Furukawa and Christian Doonan!

Composites based on Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are an emerging class of porous materials that have been shown to possess unique functional properties. Nanoparticles@MOFs composites combine the tailorable porosity of MOFs with the versatile functionality of metal or metaloxide nanoparticles. A wide range of nanoparticles@MOFs have been synthesised and their performance characteristics assessed in molecular adsorption and separation, catalysis, sensing, optics, sequestration of pollutants, drug delivery, and renewable energy. This review covers the main research areas where nanoparticles@MOFs have been strategically applied and highlights the scientific challenges to be considered for their continuing development.


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