In situ full adsorption isotherms by "NMR-Relaxorption" @JACS

In situ full adsorption isotherms by "NMR-Relaxorption" @JACS

In collaboration with Prof. Sakellariou (KULeuven), we demonstrate how low-field NMR can be used to measure full adsorption isotherms. By selectively measuring 1H spins of the adsorbed probe molecules, rather than the vapour phase, this "NMR -Relaxorption" technique provides insights about local dynamics beyond what can be learned from physisorption alone.

The benchtop integration of physisorption and NMR relaxometry for in situ, in operando measurements is illustrated by three case studies on prototypical microporous materials.

The paper can be accessed here or on the Publications page of our website.


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