CVD of Ionic Liquids @Angewandte Chemie!

CVD of Ionic Liquids @Angewandte Chemie!

Film deposition and high-resolution patterning of ionic liquids (ILs) remain a challenge, despite a broad range of applications that would benefit from this type of processing.

In this work, we demonstrate for the first time the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of ILs. The IL-CVD method is based on the formation of a non-volatile IL through the reaction of two vaporized precursors. Ionogel micropatterns can be easily obtained via the combination of IL-CVD and standard photolithography, and the resulting microdrop arrays can be used as microreactors.

The IL-CVD approach will facilitate leveraging the properties of ILs in a range of applications and microfabricated devices.

The paper can be accessed here or on the Publications page of our website.


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