Ameloot Group further drives outreach initiatives for young STEM enthusiasts

Ameloot Group further drives outreach initiatives for young STEM enthusiasts

After a successful pilot run in November 2021, the outreach crew (also known as Teach STEM BE) of the Ameloot Group continues with their 2nd major activity, this time at the Ecole Internationale Montgomery (EIM) in Brussels on March 29. Curious learners from the middle years program (MYP) group of the EIM participated in the workshop with the support of the school head, Danielle Franzen, and chemistry teacher, Dr. Ricky Payen.

For this segment, the Teach STEM BE team divided the session into two parts. The first part was focused on an additive manufacturing (3D printing) demonstration with a special emphasis on food science and technology, medicine, and (aerospace) engineering applications. The outreach team brought a polymer (plastic) 3D printer and a chocolate printer to add more color to the scientific concepts. The second part was a hands-on modeling exercise using 3D design software. The learners designed their personalized phone cases that will be printed in Leuven and sent back to the school. The team ended the workshop with an interactive quiz, and the winners were awarded 3D-printed trophies. The international and diverse learners made the discussions rich and insightful. Furthermore, the real-life demonstration gave the workshop an experiential and interactive touch.

After the learning session with the group’s researchers, the crew prepared modules for the learners and the teaching staff to continue using one of the printers in the weeks after the workshop. KU Leuven supported the initiative as the team plans to expand its reach to more schools and communities in Belgium and beyond.

For more info about our outreach projects, or if you are interested in collaborating or supporting our cause, please reach out to Dr. Alexander John Cruz or Prof. Rob Ameloot.

About Teach STEM BE The Teach STEM BE is our research group's main science outreach initiative. It is a grassroots initiative inspiring youngsters to explore and discover STEM as part of their learning experience. The project also aims to provide access to innovative learning materials to the less fortunate and promote accessible and equitable science and technology education.


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